Gary Fields

Around 15 years ago I was working a Crossroads Gun Show selling weapons and shooters paraphernalia. Sitting next to our 5-table end cap was a custom knife maker named Shrewsbury from Gilbert, Arizona. Up to that moment I had never seen a custom one of a kind knife. We talked for most of the show and I got to know him. He shared tables with us for a couple of shows and ultimately we worked a trade for a shotgun. I also met a few shows later, a fellow named Michael Snare and bought a beautiful large Bowie with a display-stand, he introduced me to the local knife club and knife shows. The show I visited at that time was really weak, but there was an interesting demo of forging in the parking lot. I didn’t attend any shows for three years after that because I met the so-called best knife maker in the area and he was a major ego trip and that turned me off to the whole scene.

About 12 years ago I found a knife store at 19th Ave and Glendale and got to know Dave the owner who rekindled my interest in custom knives and bought a number of knives from him. I discovered sword canes about this time and bought a number from Dave and a few from Burger of South Africa. Dave also informed me that most makers were nothing like the maker I met at the show. He had a flyer about a knife show in Mesa, which I attended and met a few more knife makers. The makers I met were Mike Mooney, Randy Lee, and the ego trip guy was also there but the other knife makers I talked to were so great it renewed my interest. I also bought a few tickets for the raffle. I attended the next meeting of the local club and was surprised to be handed the First Place Raffle knife right after I walked in the door. Mike Mooney at that time was the Vice-President and I got to know him and fell in love with his knives. I bought a few of his knives over the next year and got to know a number of the knife makers. I also bought the award winning Mooney fighter from the previous show. When the next show came around, my wife and I worked all day both days and my wife got to know a couple of the other wives. I then became deeper involved with the club when Mike became president of the club and talked me into becoming vice- president of the club the next year. We spent the year working our buns off planning the next show and November that year we had the best show in the history of the club. Mike decided the next year he wanted to spend a little time with his family and I decided to retire from my office and the club leadership. The next year I found eBay and custom knives and decided to open an eBay store. My collection grew larger and the following are a few of my favorites.

Bob Shrewsbury Knife

Mooney Knife – Grey Giraffe Bone

Mike Mooney Knife – Stag Handle Fighter

Bolton Knife

JR Grey Knife

Tony Karlsson, Sweden

Tony Karlsson, Sweden

Monte Zavata & Jim Ort – Emu Toe / Crocodile

Todd Kopp

Mike Kiley, Rocking K

Dan Zvonek

Mark Waite

Lynn Dawson/Cook

Lynn Dawson/Cook

Alan Busch

I have also tried my hand at designing knives. This one was designed by me and built by Dan Zvonek and Jim Ort.

Hans Weinmuller

Allen Elishewitz