Jim Ort


Jim Ort


We supply custom knives with top quality steel, exotic wood, stag, and stone handles at an affordable price.  As individual as you are no two OZ Custom Knives are exactly the same.  We felt this market was not being filled by most of the large knife companies.  One knife model is duplicated thousands of times over and sold at different outlets.  Due to our exotic wood grain, stag, and reconstituted stone handles, no two of our knives are exactly the same.

The majority of our knife blades are 6A, 8A, or 440C stainless steel.  High quality stainless steel blades to last a lifetime, and won’t tarnish in the mean time.  Some blades have a satin finish, while others posses a mirror polished finish.  Choose the design blade that suits your needs.

We use woods from around the world:  Alder, Ash, African Paduk Purple Heart, Red Heart, Bloodwood Oak, Mahogany, Birdseye Maple, Ironwood, Mesquite, Rosewood, Walnut, Wenge, and of course stag and reconstituted stone.

All of the fishing and hunting/camping knives come with a thick leather sheath (8-9 oz.) that is designed specifically for the knife that it holds.  Sheaths come in black and natural leather with other colors available for an additional charge.  Kitchen knives are sold without a sheath for placement in a wood block or drawer.

These picture files can run rather large, so please be patient while they load.

Top Knife:  OZ Cape Skinner (Length 7 3/8″, Blade 3 1/8″, 440C S/S)
Bottom Knife:  Klondyke Skinner (Length 10″, Blade 5 1/4″, 6A S/S)

Both Knives:  OZ Game Master (Length 9 1/4″, Blade 4 1/8″, 440C S/S)

Top Knife:  Pro Hunter (Length 9 3/4″, Blade 4 1/2″, 8A S/S)
Bottom Knife:  OZ Drop Point (Length 9 1/4″, Blade 4 3/8″, 8A S/S)

All Three Knives:  OZ Game Master (Length 9 1/4″, Blade 4 1/8″, 440C S/S)

Top Knife:  Fillet Knife (Length 12″, Blade 7″, 440C)
Middle Knife:  Carver Blade (Length 12″, Blade 7″, 440C S/S)
Bottom Knife:  Chef’s Chopping Blade (Length 12 3/4″, Blade 8″, 440C S/S)